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Analysis of Malta’s Weather (1997-2020)

72 minute read

In this notebook we are going to visually explore the weather in Malta over the last 24 years, from 1997 to 2020. To achieve this we first need to download w...

Pandas Library Notes

20 minute read

This is a summary of the most useful pandas features and is based on some of the techniques discussed in Ted Petrou’s Minimally Sufficient Pandas article.

Malaria Parasite Detection Using an SVM

37 minute read

Recently I read the excellent tutorial Deep Learning and Medical Image Analysis with Keras by Dr. Adrian Rosebrock’s. Adrian’s tutorial shows how to use a pr...

CIFAR-10 Classifier Using CNN in PyTorch

22 minute read

In this notebook we will use PyTorch to construct a convolutional neural network. We will then train the CNN on the CIFAR-10 data set to be able to classify ...

Tensors and Gradients in PyTorch

24 minute read

In this notebook we will learn what tensors are, why they are used and how to create and manipulate them in PyTorch.

MNIST Using Keras

5 minute read

In this notebook, we will build a simple two-layer feed-forward neural network model using Keras, running on top of TensorFlow. We then train the sequential ...