Data Science

Analysis of Malta’s Weather (1997-2020)

72 minute read

In this notebook we are going to visually explore the weather in Malta over the last 24 years, from 1997 to 2020. To achieve this we first need to download w...

World Cup Data Visualisation in D3.js

4 minute read

The World Cup games data visualisation below is based on the exercise in the Udacity Data Visualization and D3.js - Communicating with Data course.

Descriptive Statistics Tutorial

71 minute read

In this interactive Jupyter notebook you will learn the very basics of statistics. Through statistics you can make sense of data and in today’s world this is...

Titanic Survival Prediction

45 minute read

In this notebook we will explore the Titanic passengers data set made available on Kaggle in the Getting Started Prediction Competition - Titanic: Machine Le...

Malta Property Market Price Analysis

Various data analysis reports about the Maltese property market, including for sale and to rent property. Some reports go in-depth comparing price movements across quarters, others provide detailed price summary statistics.

There is also an interactive web application to explore and view analysis of the Malta property data sets collected.

Instacart - Market Basket Analysis

Exploratory data analysis, feature engineering, model fitting and evaluation for the Instacart Market Basket Analysis challenge hosted on Kaggle.