Data Science

World Cup Data Visualisation using D3.js

Data visualisation using D3.js of all the FIFA World Cup games from 1930 to 2014.

World Cup Data Visualisation using D3.js

Descriptive Statistics Tutorial

Learn basic statistics concepts like, population, sample, difference between correlation and causation, centrality measures, simple distribution types and much more.

Descriptive Statistics Tutorial Notebook

Instacart - Market Basket Analysis

Splitting Training Data

Notebook to split Instacart training data into 80% for training and 20% for validation.

Instacart Splitting Training Data Notebook

Exploratory Analysis

Exploratory data analysis of the Instacart Market Basket Analysis dataset as available on Kaggle.

Instacart Exploratory Analysis Notebook

Malta Property Analysis

The goal of this project was to gain insight into property prices in Malta, both for sale or rent. To achieve this, data was collected, cleaned, explored, analysed and finally summarised. The information is then presented through the use of charts, tables, and heatmaps. All reports are fully linked to allow drill-down and free exploration.

Malta Property Analysis Project